Thousands of years ago, men began organizing themselves into communities so as to improve their lives and benefit from collective security. Over time, some of these communities grew into great civilizations that become powerful and lasted for thousands of years. Some of the great ancient civilizations of the world include

· Mesopotamiagrold458

· Ancient Egypt

· Mayan civilization

· China

· Indus valley civilization
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has one of the richest civilizations as ancient Egyptians were known for their towering pyramids, their pharaohs who were regarded as divine, hieroglyphics writings, an advanced and complex system of administration and lavish burial of their pharaohs. Egyptian civilization grew on the banks of river Nile, (present day Egypt). At the peak of the Egyptian civilization, they expanded their civilization to neighboring kingdoms around the Nile. Egyptian civilization was so advanced that they even used solar calendars to determine years.


lionbig038Mesopotamia is regarded as the cradle of civilization as it is the earliest civilization according to history. People in Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) began their civilization by first building structures to act as permanent homes, domesticating animals and undertaking subsistence agriculture. They then created complex administration systems and society where people were defined by their contribution to the society e.g. blacksmiths, farmers, soldiers, etc. Mesopotamia civilization lasted for over two millennia from 3300 BC – 750 BC

Mayan Civilization

The Mayan civilization is still regarded as the most complex and sophisticated civilization that developed in Central America around 2600BC. The Mayan civilization had its own system of writing, built temples and pyramids had their own solar calendars with dates and rich culture with intriguing mysteries. The Mayan civilization collapsed during the 9th century.


Ancient Chinese civilization that is commonly referredhowtolive46378 to as Han China has one of the most diverse civilization. The Chinese civilization while lasted for 4 millennia was characterized by the rise and fall of dynasties. The Chinese civilization led to numerous inventions that are used to date. Some of these inventions include paper, the compass, cannons, gun powder, printing and many more.

Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley civilization began in the Indus Valley area and spread to modern day Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North West India. As one of the early civilizations, the Indus Valley civilization was characterized by love for arts, urbanization, with most people living in urban centers, advanced technology, and accurate tools for measuring length, time, and mass. The Indus civilization that began around 2600 BC lasted for nearly 1000 years.