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How To Use Uber App

Uber app is one of the popular ridesharing services out there. Users and drivers have rated it well. Rideshare for Uber is what you need during rush hours and even for your business meetings. If you are planning to use this service. It is important to understand how the app can be used.

Using Uber app

Downloading the app

Uber app is available for download on various plagps on phonetforms. Some of the platforms include iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. However, not all versions of operating systems are compatible with the app. Therefore, you need to check the version of your smartphone OS.

App Permissions

After installing Uber app on your smart device, contextual dialogs come up asking you to approve some permissions, which the app requests. You need to allow the permissions to ensure you get the best experience possible with Uber. You are free to read more about how you can use the permissions for your smartphone.

Using the app on iOS 6

It is important to keep Uber App running well and prevent bugs from causing interference with your experiences, there is no support for iOS 6. However, you can still get rides by updating your software to iOS 8. Having the latest iOS is important. You may also use the Uber services from the mobile website.

Receiving “network error.”

Some cellular or Wi-Fi networks cause interference with the app’s connection to Uber. Therefore, you may be getting “network error” messages whenever you try to use the app. You are advised to follow the following steps:

  • Connect after turning your Wi-Fi off
  • Connect after turning your Wi-Fi on
  • Delete and re-install Uber app
  • Try to reset the account password
  • Contact the support if you continue experiencing the same problems

Reporting issues with the app

If you continue experiencing technical issues, you are advised to delete and re-passenger install the Uber app. This is vital as you will be sure to be using the latest version of the app available. It is easy to download it through visiting the app website. Sometimes, your payment method may fail to work. In such case, you are advised to delete it and add it back again.

More help

Before even contacting the service providers, you can get help from different sources. There are several blogs, articles, user manuals, and videos that show you how to use the app and rideshare services.…

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The Benefits Of Ridesharing Services

With the advancement of technology, different forms of transportation have been introduced to the commuters. This is to help them get to their destinations with ease and convenience. Some people who have the money get themselves a vehicle. There are even some who have two or more in their garage. However, there are also individuals who do not have enough resources to buy a car. This is why they have to utilize the public transportations like buses, cabs, or trains everytime they have to go to work, school, shopping malls, and anywhere else that they want to go.

Ridesharing Service

holding a phoneRidesharing is a cheaper and easier way to get a cab if you need to go somewhere. And you can hail one by using a mobile app that you can download on your smartphone the same way when you install the other regular applications for cellphones. People have started utilizing ridesharing since many years ago. For quite some time, it has been forgotten. But nowadays, this particular service has started to pick up again because of the many benefits that it can offer to all commuters.

Get a ride with ease

If you take a regular taxi, you will have to go to a designated area to wait for one to come by. Also, you have to wait in line if there are other people who are waiting which could be a little bit irritating especially if you are trying to catch an important appointment. But if you want a rideshare, you can simply get on your smartphone and use the app to get a ride. You simply have to indicate your pick-up location and destination. Your request will then be sent to a driver and he or she will come and take you to the place where you want to go to.

Cheaper than a regular taxi

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing a ridesharing service is, the fare is cheaper compared to that of a regular taxi. The different companies like Uber and Lyft are even giving out codes that you can use to get a discounted fare.

Friendly drivers

woman holding phoneIf you take a look at some forums online, you can read the experiences of many commuters with rude drivers of regular cabs. There are even instances when they won’t stop at you. But with a ridesharing service, you can be sure that you will he assisted by the driver. When you get to your destination, you can rate the driver using the mobile app. This is to ensure that you get the best possible service as well as to build trust between the drivers and their passengers.…

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