A lot of people love drinking coffee daily than other drinks, apart from soda and water. It is estimated that 50% of people drink at least a cup of coffee each day. That means a lot of coffee beans, a lot of grinding, and coffee cups. People drink it in different ways. Some like it black, others like it white with milk, some as latte and others as cappuccino. Thus, a lot of things are involved, such as coffee pots, grinders, and accessories.

Of all these, the coffee mug is the only thing that you get personal with. Coffee mugs are available in different sizes and shapes, some with cartoons, pets, and even others with quotes.


coffee mugNowadays, there is a wide range of materials used to make mugs. These include plastics, stainless steel, glass, and porcelain. The hybrid coffee mugs are made from plastics. In most cases, stainless steel is commonly used as the outer shell for protection. That is because travelers use most mugs. If you are choosing this type of mug, ensure it is watertight and has a strong construction. Traditional porcelain mugs work well to retain heat. Their downside is that they are not durable and are prone to be smashed if dropped or knocked down.


The size of mugs and cups is based around the standard size of each serving. This is usually 12 ounces, and it is the starting point for mugs and cups that can range up to 20 ounces. However, if you are a coffee addict, it is a good idea to get the biggest mug you come across. The argument, in this case, is that with a standard size mug, then you will drink a lot of smaller freshly brewed hot coffees per day.


fun coffee mugThe truth is that there are various coffee mugs to choose from. You will find the traditional porcelain cup and the protected stainless steel. Depending on the weight and size, these cups suit different people, and different levels of comfort when drinking. The most important thing to do is to experiment.


Handles on mugs are nice when you in the office or at home. That makes it easier to hold the hot cup. However, it can be difficult to balance when walking around. In fact, you can end up spilling coffee on your clothes.…

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